Friday, 8 February 2013

60's School Girl

Today I really felt like dressing up with a slight school girl vibe. I think I captured it quite well. The dress was a gift from my parents on Christmas. I wore it with black ballet flats. There are more photos after the jump.

Here is a closeup of my new hair, I think I quite like how I look with bangs. It should be interesting trying to curl my hair with them. I expect in a week or so there will be a tutorial on how I curl my hair, so I am excited for that. Thank you for reading and have a brilliant day! :)


  1. You are just adorable! Can't wait to see how you curl your hair.

    1. Thank you heh, that should be up in a week or two. :)

  2. Your hair is so cute--love the bangs! You look smashing in this little plaid number!