Sunday, 2 December 2012

An Introduction and Thrift Scores

Hello everyone! 
First off, my name is Katie and I am a 17 year old vintage lover from the middle of Canada.
My favourite decades are the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's. On my blog I plan to post pictures of vintage items I admire, actors and actresses and clothing I find in vintage or thrift stores. This is me.

I hope to update this blog about two or three times a week at the least.

In the past two weeks I have found a two amazing things at my local Value Village. The first is a very early 1960's dress with an adorable neon green, orange and yellow flower print.

It is the cutest thing ever though two of the decorative buttons are missing fabric. That shouldn't be too hard to fix so I am happy. I bought it for only $6.99

The next item I found was a wonderful 1960s pale yellow hat. In fact, it also matches the dress I found above. I was quite surprised to find it, because most vintage hats I find do not fit my head which is a big disappointment. Thankfully this one did and I absolutely love it! I got it on a half price day and it was only $1. 

It does have to be worked on a bit, some of the fabric is starting to wear off on the top. I am thinking that I will sew some white satin flowers around the spots that are wearing off. It is a fantastic summer hat. 


  1. Oh, welcome to the blogosphere! I look forward to reading about your vintage adventures!


  2. awesome hat. it looks quite 40s in this picture ...

  3. Loving you blog sweetie.
    cant wait to read more!

    love jaimee