Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Family History

Hello lovelies!
For some reason today I had the urge to find out about my family history and heritage. After school I went over to my cousin`s house to see my grandmothers old photos and important family documents. It was harder to research my mothers side of the family, but I did find some photos and information about them with the help of my cousin and an ancestry site. First though, I researched my fathers side of the family and found out something which is quite exciting for a history nerd like me.

I am descended from a filles du roi, also known as the King`s Daughters! Around 1660, there were a lot of French men in Canada, but barely any women. Because of this fact the King sent around 800 girls over to get married to the men in Canada, and I am related to one of them! Her name was Jeanne Pelletier and she lived in Paris, France before she was sent to Canada.

Anyways, I will show you some of the photo's of my mother's side of the family. They came from Ukraine and Russia, both around 1900 or so.

One of these beautiful ladies in the photo above is my great grandmother, who came here from what was Russia at the time. Sadly I don't know which one is my great grandmother because my grandmother barely knew her. My grandmother was six when her mom died, and unfortunately because of this we don't know a lot about her.

I love what these ladies are wearing, and those glasses are brilliant!

I believe this lovely lady is my Great Aunt Anne. 

 How handsome is he?

I absolutely love this photo. No one in my family knows who these people are anymore, but I still hold this close to my heart. They all just look so happy.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed looking at my photo's!


  1. That last photo put a smile on my face. Someone must have made a good joke before it was taken. :) It reminds me of Paper Moon. I love that film. I don't know that much about Canadian history but now I'm intrigued. I really liked the story about how the king sent over the woman to be married. That's so strange! And fascinating.

  2. You're so lucky to have so many old family photos. It seems that most of my grandmother's childhood photos were given to a sister that passed away, and no one was able to find them afterwards. Treasure those memories. ;)