Friday, 7 December 2012

Snapshots of the Past

I really do love to look at old family pictures. It is so interesting to see people you are related to in the prime of their lives. My grandmother Rita, has quite the collection of old family photo's. Below are some of my favourites in her collection and all of these people are in some way related to me.

I absolutely love this first picture. It is of my grandmother Rita, and my grandfather Paul. It was taken at one of her birthday parties and this was the first night they actually met. I find it so amazing that there is actually a picture of it! Her dress looks absolutely amazing too.

The second one is of my Great Aunt Berangere. She was the sister of Rita. My grandmother told me that she always used to dress like a queen, as you can see in this picture. And look at those shoes! I wish I could find ones that looked like that today.

This is Berangere again, the same lady who was in the second picture. She looks like she could be a pinup girl, doesn't she?

This is of my grandfather Paul. All I can think of when I see this photo is that he would be considered a hipster today haha.

This is my great grandfather, Thomas. Isn't he a handsome man? As you can tell, it was taken in 1923. I would absolutely love it if someone could help figure out where the uniform was from or what country it belonged to.

Lastly we found this photo of my grandfathers parents. It was taken in 1929, though I am not exactly sure where. Their names were Edwidge and Thomas, the man you see in the photo above this one. Edwidge's hair looks so lovely, it is so characteristic of the 1920's.


  1. How wonderfully lovely! I adore vintage photos, though I don't have very many of my own relatives, and have spent more hours than I could ever begin to count looking at other peoples' relatives online. Thank you for sharing some of yours with us, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to "meet" these members of your family tree.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. brilliant pictures! how lovely to have pictures from the family like this.

  3. These are wonderful pictures!

  4. Cute! Did you notice there's no knob on the door in the first picture?


  5. These are great! I would love to find a box of vintage family photos I've never seen. These look like they're straight out of Life magazine. I especially like the one taken on the night your grandparents met. Love at first sight. :) You blog is adorable. So glad I found it. :)

    your new follower